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JW Autoshine Detailing Studio

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Jason Wadsworth

07967 451 233

JW Autoshine Detailing Studio is based in Rookley, near Ventor on the Isle of Wight and offers a wide range of car valeting and detailing services. JW Autoshine is authorised to supply and apply the Auto Finesse range, while they also offer the highly respected CarPro range of ceramic sealants.


Operating out of a fully equipped detailing studio, JW Autoshine also offer advanced services including Paintless Dent Removal (PDR), Small to Medium Area Repair Technique (S.M.A.R.T.), and alloy wheel refurbishment allowing them to renovate and transform every element of your vehicle.


Run by Jason Wadsworth, JW Autoshine is the only car detailing specialist on the Isle of Wight able to offer high-end detailing services thanks to years of experience and continuing professional development.


Whether you have a brand new car and are seeking superior protection options to those offered by dealerships, or a classic car owner looking to restore your treasured automobile back to it’s original lustre – JW Autoshine can help.


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