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Professional Valeter & Detailer

Jason Dodd

07557 194 732

  Detailing to OCDetails is taking Valeting to the next and best level of service possible. Detailing transforms a car, and the end results that can be achieved are far superior to what valeting can achieve. Anything from taking out major and minor defects like scratches and marring, to Trim rejuvenation or leather feeding and then protection to give the car the best look, feel and glow possible.   We describe the differences as "A valeter is a brick layer, A detailer is your stonemason". There is an art along with knowledge of techniques used and we are 101% confident in the Nanolex products. With the correct maintenance and aftercare we provide Nanolex Coatings are far superior to anything on the market in our eyes.   Based in North Lincolnshire we are the ONLY Nanolex Approved Detailer and Si3D HD Applicator. Providing professional & bespoke detailing & valeting services. Taking car detailing to the next level and service you expect and beyond.   We take pride in knowing we are backed by Nanolex and often attend training not just for new products but old too. Detailing is changing day in day out and Nanolex enables us to be at the top of that technology. We are fully insured by Coversure "Gold Cover" & Insurance Documents are always carried with us and shown upon any request.

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