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The Matt Finish

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Matthew Thomas

07714 310 261

The Matt Finish is an independent fully mobile car detailing and valeting business based in Medway, Kent with water and electrics onboard.


Run by myself Matthew Thomas, after maintaining my own cars to a high standard I slowly caught the bug, which with good feedback and guidance from people around me pushed to me start The Matt Finish.


Knowing that with Detailing and Valeting you are always learning with the progression of equipment and products, I took intensive detailing training over a few months from one of the best in the industry with ‘HeavenlyDetail’. This was to give me further confidence with various other machines and different techniques, which would aid me in my everyday working environment in striving for the best for the vehicles that I worked on.


To ensure that if the worst was to happen The Matt Finish is a fully insured business with an insurance specialist in the Detailing and Valeting areas. This meaning I can offer with full confidence a skilled, trusted and experienced service to provide specialist car care to your vehicle, I am also Siramik approved.


I am very passionate about what I do and treat each car as if it was my own. I a highly of the opinion that every car should be treated with the same care and level of professionalism regardless of the vehicles badge. Providing one of the highest of quality finishes in the area, I have built up a very loyal client base with a friendly and trusted approach.


The Matt Finish has been built solely on client recommendation and reputation due to my ability of maximising every aspect of the vehicles appearance, regardless of it being an exotic supercar, cherished sports car or classic whilst staying grounded, honest and true to what can be achieved.


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