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Steve Bower

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Waxworks Mobile Valeting Detailing, we tailor our valets to suit the customers needs. Our aim is to provide our customers with 100% satisfaction, we take pride in our work and in everything we do. We use the finest Gliptone products wherever possible to keep your vehicle looking clean and in showroom condition.


The key to a good valeter is attention to detail; we valet our customers cars as if they were our own. We are perfectionists and take pride in what we do. More often than not, our customers come to us because they have a specific problem including stains on seats, nasty smells and odours or paintwork that is dull and faded and lost its shine. Whatever the problem we will do our upmost to solve it. Waxworks has many services to suit the customers needs including protection, enhancement and correction details. Our services range from a simple wash, wax, and microfibre dry to full valets and paintwork correction.


We tailor our valets to suit the customers needs. Whether you need your vehicle cleaned to showroom condition or just a wash, wax and microfibre dry Waxworks has the solution. Please contact us for more information.

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