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Sapphire Valet Services

- Profesional Valet & Enhancement Detail

Chris Kitney

07858 376 612

Sapphire Valet Services is run by a life long car enthusiast Chris Kitney.  Chris has a passion for anything with four wheels and even more of a passion for enhancing their appearance.


Starting at a young age, cleaning his parents cars, then onto his own at 17.  Not ever leaving the house with a car that was anything less than show condition. It was inevitable that it would turn into a profession and career.


Here at Sapphire we believe that the profession of valeting and detailing is not something that can be carried out by someone as just a job.  It is an obsession, and that is exactly what you get at Sapphire, image is everything!


” Whether you’re looking for a one off Valet, Detail or regular maintenance plan to keep your vehicle in pristine condition, We can cater for you here at Sapphire. Pop over to our website for more information or give Chris a call…….”


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