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JF Detailing

Professional Valeter & Detailer

Jonathon Ferguson

07961 584 857


I have always been passionate and meticulous about my own vehicles and ensured they are always kept clean and swirl free. I realised that there was nowhere nearby to me in Northamptonshire that I could take my vehicle to be valeted or detailed, where I would receive the same level of standard that I myself, would give.


From machine polishing to remove swirls and imperfections in paintwork, to applying ceramic coatings on vehicles for friends and family for years, I wanted to offer a service to people around Corby and Northamptonshire area whereby the finish on every vehicle completed would be of the highest standard.


So finally, I turned my hobby, passion and obsessiveness into JF Detailing.


Offering lots of services from mini valets to full valets, leather deep cleanse and conditioning and upholstery cleaning. Paint enhancement, correction and protection in the form of ceramic coatings. Headlights restoration, engine bay cleaning, alloy wheels clean ‘n’ seal.

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