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Ash Newport

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Flawless Detailing Solutions is run by Ash Newport. An experienced detailer. With a background in aviation. Covering the Poole area. Ash is fully mobile. Offers everything from a high end valet to a full corrective detail. He can return your vehicle back to a better-than-new condition. Inside and out. Using quality products. And proven methods.


Flawless Detailing Solutions offers many services for your car. Our goal is simple. To ensure your car is tip top.


We’re happy to offer advice. On all issues. And make time for you. We use the latest tech so we can offer you a top service. While still in budget.


Flawless Detailing is owned by Ash. Ash Newport has been a professional detailer since 2001. He set up Flawless Detailing Solutions. To provide a high quality detailing service in Dorset.


I remember the first words I was told when I started detailing. Treat every car as if its a Bentley. Then you will be fine. I was told in a strong Somerset voice. I’ve stuck by this mantra. I have a huge passion. When turning an average ‘well used’ car. Into something that could be mistaken for a new car. When you take the number plates off.


Detailing is all about going to the extreme. I put everything into every car. Every car has to be perfect. This way I have loyal customers. Perfection is addictive. This is why people return. Time and time again.


Correcting paint is a stalwart of detailing. There are many levels of correction. From simply improving the standard finish of a brand new car. To completely restoring paint that has become dull and tired over time.


Restoration is the first step. In a full detail. After basic preparation such as washing and drying. In severe cases very fine sandpaper is used. Usually wet, to remove deeper marks. Before commencing a number of paint depth measurements are taken (in microns). This determines how hard the paint can be worked safely.

After this. Or for less severe cases. Cutting compound is then applied. There is a broad range of cut compounds. Some are single stage. Where it becomes less coarse as it is worked into the paint. However the most advanced detailers. Use a series of consistent pro cut compounds. Going from coarse to fine grades. Before starting the enhance stage.


Enhancement is for cars with generally ‘good’ paint. Where the finish is improved by removing light swirl marks. And making the colour sharper. This is done with a light cutting compound. Or polish. Which treats the top layer of paint into an ultra-smooth surface. Creating a consistent reflection.

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