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Established in 2009 but with over 10 years experience in the motor trade, we pride ourselves in offering you the best possible service to keep your car looking its best. We are fully equipped to deal with stain removal, shampooing interiors, or a full on de-contamination and protection of your paint work. SD Autocare are fully equipped. We deal with stain removal. Shampooing interiors. Full on De contamination. Protection of your paint work. Your car is your pride and joy. We understand that. Also you only want the best for it. This is why we never use acidic chemicals. We only use ph neutral shampoo’s. To take the best care of your car. Whether you have a Car. Or Van. Or even something commercial. We can offer a service to suit you. If you’re just looking to have a one off clean. Or maybe your vehicle washed once a month. Or even having it cleaned to sell it. We can offer a service to suit your needs.


What is Detailing?


Achieving a perfect paint finish requires that every stage in detailing is as safe as possible for your vehicle starting at the beginning with the washing process. Most swirls and light scratches are caused by poor washing technique’s and poor equipment. A good washing technique will also help maintain a good looking car. Taking a soap soaked sponge to a car simply moves the dirt around the paint surface and causes those swirls and scratches. The vehicle should be thoroughly rinsed with a pressure washer to remove as much dirt and grit as possible before being followed by a foam which, will cling to the surface to soften up and remove even more dirt and grime that was left behind.


Using good quality tools such as a lambswool wash mitts rather than a sponge is a must to keep the car looking its best as is the “two bucket” method of washing (one bucket holding the shampoo solution and one with clean water and grit guards for regular cleaning of the wash mitt). Vehicles should be dried using microfibre drying towels.


Decontamination – Washing on it own will not clean the paint’s surface of all its contaminants. Things like tar, tree sap, bird lime and bug splatter can be effectively removed by a decontamination process. This consists of making sure you get the paint as clean as possible, to do this we use a process called “claying” this is a process which involves gliding clay over a pre wet vehicle this helps to lift anything that’s sitting on top of the surface that washing wont remove. The other process is removing “Fall out”. Fall out can be brake dust, railway dust, and exhaust soot can which can all bond to the paint. To remove these we use a specialised chemical which sits on the paint and lifts these away carefully without harming your paintwork or wheels.  We use both these methods to ensure a contaminant free and smooth paint surface.


Protection is mainly in the form of either a carnauba wax or a sealant, but which one to use? Carnauba (Also known as brazil wax) is made from a tree in Brazil and in its natural state is as hard as concrete.It is mixed with oils and solvents to make it usable, and can be blended with other wax’s such as beeswax for example. Wax sits on top of the paint surface and gives a rich, warm, glossy finish, especially on dark coloured cars. It beads well and can hide minor paint defects, but is not as long lasting as a sealant. Sealants bond to the paint surface and last longer than waxes, The results are a sharper, more reflective but sometimes less glossy finish. Some paint colours benefit more from one than the other. It is possible to layer a wax over a sealant and have the benefits of both.


Feel free to call us as SD Autocare. If you have any questions, SD Autocare can answer them!


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