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Keep your car looking at its best with our waterless washing service. We can clean your car with our waterless solution. Faster than you can fill a bucket, wash it yourself. Plus with our solution there is no need to dry your vehicle. Outstanding results every time. No mess, no fuss. Ad-Hoc, ongoing weekly/ Monthly service or a tailored contract for your business. Making sure your vehicles are always clean and presentable. Creates a positive impact on your customers.


AMK can also sell you professional products. Here is an excerpt of how to wash your car properly. The snow foam process uses high quality pH neutral snow foam. To lift dirt away from your car. The foam is left to dwell. Then jet washed off. This removes as much dirt as possible prior to washing by hand. All difficult areas are gently cleaned. This is done with a mild all purpose cleaner. Detail brushes, with no pressure to any surfaces, are also used. No areas are missed. This includes the filler cap. Door shuts are also cleaned. A quality pH neutral shampoo is then used. Utilizing the ‘two bucket method’ and ‘grit guards’ to reduce any dirt being going back onto the car. One panel at a time is then carefully washed. We always work from top to bottom. Never apply pressure. Natural lambs wool mitts and micro fibre noodle mitts are used. They draw dirt away from the paints surface. Then we dry with the aid of plush micro fibre towels. Also detailing spray to lubricate the drying process. After we use an ‘air dryer’ to blow out those hard to get to areas. Wheels and brake callipers are carefully cleaned. We use specialist detail brushes and a wheel cleaning solution for this. The brushes are regularly rinsed in their own dedicated ‘wheel’ bucket. Any brake dust is carefully removed with an iron particle remover. Sometimes they are gently agitated if necessary.

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