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Ben Hulett

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Pro Reflect was founded in 2010 by Ben Hulett. Ben’s passion for anything automotive started from an early age and after many years maintaining his own personal vehicles and others to a high standard, it was time to start offering his services to the public and trade. Pro Reflect offer a fully mobile valeting and detailing service within a 45 mile radius of SO40 postcode; fully insured to give you peace of mind whilst your vehicle is in our care.  The self sufficient van carries everything required to clean your vehicle including water, products and electric.


Pro Reflect is an approved member of the Professional Valeters & Detailers Trade Association. This means Pro Reflect has been independently assessed regarding appropriate insurance, a proven track record and satisfied clients.  An aspect that separates Pro Reflect from other valeters is the use of pure water. Water spots happen when hard water evaporates leaving behind mineral deposits. Sometimes these deposits can be washed off the paint, but they can also etch the paints surface requiring specific polishing methods to safely remove. Using pure water ensures that there is no chance of water spots being left.

Whether your vehicle is new or used, it can benefit from having a detailing treatment. A basic weekly wash or a more comprehensive service designed to restore the showroom appearance of your vehicle; Pro Reflect can offer a wide range of detailing services to meet your individual needs.



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