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Why get a valet through us?

More than anything, we offer peace of mind. With forums and the internet it is easier to check out a product or service before buying, but you can never be entirely sure you are getting the best deal. By taking the time to background check our valeters and detailers we have done the work for you.

Equally, as a manufacturer of car care products, we have a vast technical knowledge. You can ask us for free advice with no obligation. For example, how is the best way to remove a scratch or does this dent need a body shop? We are here to help.

Our detailer and valeter directory has two tiers – those who have been fully authorised and checked, and those who seem established but have not actually been fully verified. To our members we offer free training to keep them up to date so you can be assured of the best possible service.

Our background checks include references from genuine customers and checking that their insurance policy is both applicable to the service they offer, and substantial enough to cover your vehicle if anything goes wrong.

We set up PVD originally as a consequence of having customers with cars damaged by hand car washes and automatic car washes asking for the products to repair the scratches. We also had a lot of contact with valeters and detailers who make up the bulk of our customer base for Car-Skin products. These guys were skilled, trained, insured and proven, yet there were all these people who were getting their cars damaged by gangs of unskilled, uninsured and untrained car washers. We decided it was time to create the missing link – a way to connect the public with the professionals.

Below are some procedural differences between the pros and the cowboys:

Here are some examples of the damage we have seen created by supermarket car park washers: